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November 30, 2004

A major update is now in progress. I'm retooling the look of the site, and trying to move towards a bit of an easier to read layout. It's not going to look radically different from the current one, but hopefully it should have some fixes that make the experience better for everyone.
Nothing is going to be updated until the new look is rolled out. Trust that I'm anxious to have it done as soon as possible.
I'm hoping to tackle the bass tabs problem, as well as the need for more piano scores.

... all in good time though,


October 25, 2004

Alright. First off, thanks to everyone who has Emailed me. I'm certainly not going to give up on the site...
... so, if anyone was worrying, you don't have to. I had to decide if I was going to renew my hosting agreement and sign on for another year, and I've decided to. The site's not going to dissapear -- I promise. :)
In OTHER news, I am going to try to put together some semblance of an update in the coming week or two, once midterms have passed. Things have been busy and crazy (but good) over the past couple of months, and I've barely had time for anything.
I want to revamp the news format so the main page doesn't just keep getting longer ad infinitum.
I also want to reorganize the Tab & Lyrics section, but I don't know if I can do that easily, so that one may still be a while coming.

Oh, and y'all have Robyn to thank for reminding me that I _do_ have a website, and I should probably update it sometime...


August 6, 2004

From: "Dan Mahoney"
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2004 00:11:37 -0400

the least you could do is fuckin update this site man. jesus.

Actually Dan, the least I could do is not update at all. Infact, the least I could do is to
not pay for this site out of my own pocket, not spend time updating, collecting tabs and tabbing
things myself, and just take the site down.

So does this count as an update?

July 6, 2004

Sorry sorry sorry. I'm going to update soon.

June 28, 2004

Matt's written a new song in the past couple of weeks, called Big City Life. It's very good -- I got my hands on a bootleg of the track live. I'm toying with the idea of putting it up on my site to download. Not as a regular download, mind you, but as a Torrent.
If you're not familiar with BitTorrent (and this can be forgiven, because not everyone's an uber-nerd like me), you can read up more about it at theBitTorrent homepage. In a nutshell, though, it's basically a distributed downloading technology, so instead of downloading from one site, you download from other people who have the file. (That way it wouldn't trash my bandwidth.)
Anyway, I'm thinking about it. Email me at and tell me what you think...


June 21, 2004

I've just added a bunch of new tabs off WLRRR.

Thanks everyone who's Emailed!

June 20, 2004

Everything's going well. I'm adding songs off WLRRR as soon as I'm getting them via Email, so don't hesitate to send stuff once you get it tabbed out. If you've never tabbed anything before, I'd suggest you give it a shot -- it's probably not as hard as you think it is. Hell, even I do it every once in a while. ;-)
I've gotten a massive increase in traffic to my site since the new album came out (I'm up around 400 visitors a day now -- which kicks ass.) People are also Emailing me, which is nice.


June 17, 2004

All the lyrics from WLRRR are up!


June 16, 2004

Alright, I'll be the first to admit it: I suck for not having an update to coincide with
the release of WLRRR yesterday, and I actually didn't even get the album until today. That
being said, I do promise to update. Thank you to anyone who's sent anything that hasn't been
posted yet, and please send me any tabs you make of stuff off the new album.
Rock on,


May 21, 2004

Christ people! If you know about unreleased songs that aren't on my page, for
the love of God, TELL ME! I am out of the loop something fierce.

May 21, 2004

WLRRR is out in less than a month now. I'm just going to assume you're all as excited as I am. :-)
I'm in the middle of a long and tedious redesign of the tab & lyrics section, with some much-needed input coming from Chad (he runs Disorientation -- check the link section). It's hopefully going to be a lot cleaner to look at, and I'll be able to fit much more information on one page.
I'm also eventually hoping to have a song database with as much info about each track as possible... but I'm taking things slowly.

May 11, 2004

Thanks to Dieter and Jason, you guys now have tab to Alert Status Red and Put Out Your Lights. Thanks guys!

May 09, 2004

Just rebuilt my computer... I'm missing much of my web-design software, so it's good old notepad for me right now. Look for tab to a couple tracks off the new record in the next few days, as well as some lyrics. Thanks BNB

April 26, 2004

Done final exams now (yay!) so I'm going to update and add some new tabs and so on today. Look for Matt's new album in June. The first single ("Alert Status Red") will hit radio stations on the 4th of May.
With a little luck I'll have some tab for it up very soon after that.

April 21, 2004

I have a handful of updated tabs to get up on the site, and I'll try to have them up in the next day or two... I'm just busy failing my finals right now. I'm getting over a hundred hits a day, which is awesome. Tell your family! Tell your friends!
Write me an Email ( and tell me what you think of the new site.

April 18, 2004

The transition has gone pretty smoothly... I'm adding some updates to the Tab section as well as some new Equipment pictures I've come across in the next few days.
100 hits in the first day this site was launched. Not too shabby...

April 16, 2004

Welcome to the newly unveiled MG Tab Archive! So many things are different that it's going to blow your freakin' mind. For starters, this site has a real grown-up URL finally, and it should also work on practically every browser. (*fingers crossed*) If you want to read ALL about the changes in detail, you're more than welcome to click here and find out.
Also, I'd love to hear how you like the new look...

Apr 15, 2004

shh... it's a secret...

Apr 14, 2004

Big things are coming