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What is this? Who is MG? What is tab?

This page is a collection of guitar music and lyrics to virtually every song released (and some not yet released) by the Canadian recording artist Matthew Good.

Tab is an easy-to read notation for guitar music. It is similar to the 6-line music staff, but represents notes as their fret position on the neck of a guitar, and usually doesn't take timing into account. It's an easy way to learn to play many songs. You can read more about tab here.


Apparently I first started this on May 2, 2001. Wow... that's impressive.

Way back then I had a hell of a hard time finding good Matt Good tab (or any MG tab at all, for that matter) on the net. Fan sites were few and far between, and Matt wasn't famous enough to garner any attention in the States, which would have gotten him on tab sites like Olga and MXTabs. I spent a long time searching for all the MG tab I could find, and eventually I realized that I had collected (or tabbed myself) much more than existed on any one place on the net. I figured that I might as well throw together a page so other people could use them as well, and things have been snowballing since then.

In April of 2004 I moved the site from my original host (webspace provided by my ISP) to a real .com domain and a real host. I unveiled a new look for the site (the look you're seeing right now) at the same time. This new design, aside from being a lot nicer to look at, would avoid many of the problems that plagued the old site, including problems displaying on virtually every browser but Internet Explorer. If you're some sort of crazy, and you want to see the old site, it's archived here.

About Julian
Hey, my name's Julian, and I'm the crazy guy that made this page.

Julian is currently studying Computer Engineering at Queen's University, in windy Kingston, Ontario. I'm also very restless, and you'll probably see me enjyoing myself more in my Renaissance History courses than in my Electromagnetics courses... how's that for irony?

I've been playing music for as long as I can remember... first on the piano, then on the trumpet, then the guitar. I've been playing the guitar for maybe 4 or 5 years.

As for Matt Good, I've been listening since Underdogs and no, I don't have a copy of The History Teacher, or of Lo-Fi. (But I do have a bunch of other rare goodies...)

I write music, and you can check it out at