A lot has changed with the unveiling of mgtabarchive.com, but at the same time, a lot has stayed the same.
I'll try cover everything...

Things that are different:
- there's a new URL for the site: http://www.mgtabarchive.com/ (though you'll still be able to find it through the old link... for now at least)
- the site has a slick new look for the slick new millenium (couple years late... *cough*)
- hopefully the site will now actually work on ALL browsers (it didn't before)
- I'm using 1&1 hosting (whom I love, by the way) so everything should be lightning fast

Things that stayed the same:
- All the tabs and lyrics are still here (*whew*)
- The site's still run by me, Julian
- I am still 100% sexy, and I have the pictures to prove it
- You can still Email me at hack4good@hotmail.com, but I'd rather you write to julian@mgtabarchive.com ... it's cooler
- If you're saying, "OMG!!1 WTF?!!` WHERz THE OLD UGLY PAGEZ LOL!!1`" don't fret... you can still see them (though they will no longer be updated) here... the MG Tab Archive Archive, if you will...

So, yeah... lots of stuff. If you like stuff, or hate stuff, or something doesn't work, PLEASE let me know.

Lots of love,