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Apr 16, 2004 This site has now become archived. It will no longer be updated.
Updates can be found at
Apr 14, 2004 Big things are coming
Apr 06, 2004 Yeah, I know... mistakes in the tracklisting. Will fix eventually. I also just finished installing Debian Linux and can now see just how badly my site loads in other browsers. A full redesign (with a .com to follow) is coming. Just you wait...
Mar 27, 2004 School is busy as hell. Summer should be good, but should be even busier. I've got the tracklisting to Matt's new record up.
Can't wait.
Feb 25, 2004 Thank you all you sexy people who Email and visit my site. I am thinking of buying a .com for this site. Any suggestions for an address are welcome.

Tab and lyrics to a demo believed to be on Matt's new album are now up. Expect it this spring. Matt's putting the finishing touches on it now.
Feb 2, 2004 Nothing new on the site, and probably nothing will be updated until Matt's new album comes out.
Check out my other site ... lemme know what you think.
Dec 13, 2003 Matt's in studio working on his new album right now. Expect it out in 2004. 3 tracks are semi-confirmed as yet, and I have them listed on the Tab & Lyrics page.
Dec 10, 2003 Couple new tabs up. Small update to the Equipment section. I'm working on writing and recording some material of my own, so that's been tying up a lot of my time. Email me and tell me what you like most and least about the site. How often do you visit?
Nov 14, 2003 I've been working on getting the acoustic version of Near Fantastica done since yesterday, and I've got the whole chord structure, so that's posted. Also lyrics to another unreleased song...
Nov 09, 2003 My friends, your prayers have been answered. I have just posted a perfect version of Lullaby for a New World Order, thanks entirely to Steve. Enjoy!
Nov 08, 2003 Thanks for the proper version of Empty Road, Will. Lots of buzz around Matt heading into studios sometime around December. He said that he finished demoing his new stuff a while back. We can hope for a new album this coming spring/summer.
Oct 27, 2003 This website is now backslash free. Waaaaay back I wrote some of my links wrong, and since I copy & paste to create new links (yeah, I'm that lazy) the mistake carried through. Apparantly it causes problems on Macs. Let me know if it's working better now, and if there are any more problems!
Oct 21, 2003 Another version of Double Life is up. If I ever have the time, I'm going to work on verifying more tabs and do my best to expand my equipment section.
Oct 20, 2003 I have added tabs to Double Life and Lullaby for a New World Order (thanks to Dan) -- which means I have tab for every single studio song released to date. Matt recently finished demoing a whole bunch of new material, so I'd expect another album to be in the works soon. Enjoy kiddies.
Oct 8, 2003 Remember when I said that I couldn't put off updating? I lied. Still not a real update. Two items of businss:
1- Pictures of my new amp
2- Blink 182 - Feeling This tab
July 23, 2003 I can't put off updating any more -- I've gotten too many Emails from people about the site... I love getting Emails about the site.
I should mention, however, that if you send me Email, please make the subject something I'll recognize. I get a ton of junk mail, and an Email from someone I don't know with the subject "Hi" will definitely get deleted...
Check for some updates in the Tab section.
Thanks to everyone who sent me stuff or corrections.
June 12, 2003 I just finished recording an album of covers. I posted a Matt Good two here, if you're interested.
May 30, 2003 Huge update to Rich's Equipment... check out the Equipment Section!
May 29, 2003 Update again today... added more stuff to my Equipment section...
May 29, 2003 Couldn't sleep last night, for some reason, so I got a bunch of work done on my update to the Equipment section. I've uploaded what I've done, so check it out!
May 25, 2003 A couple new tabs added. Here's some more interesting statistics:

Total number of tabs: 139
Number of songs tabbed: 103
Number of song lyrics: 111
May 06, 2003 Alright... after a bunch of moving around and stuff, I'm settled in my new place, and I have an internet connection too. I'll be looking to do some updates soon...
Apr 02, 2003 Here's some interesting site stats...

Hits in March, 2003: 1214
Average daily hits in March: 40
Most hits in one day: 83
Mar 27, 2003 Couple new tabs up... I have almost everything from Avalanche. I've noticed that the number of things that I've tabbed has dwindled lately, and I feel bad about that, so I'm going to look at putting down some of the lead lines off Avalanche.
Mar 13, 2003 I've gotten a bunch of new tabs from Avalanche up, as well as all the lyrics. Still looking for more. Thanks to everyone who's helped!
Mar 11, 2003 Avalanche is out, and it's great. Unfortunately, I have virtually no time to work on the site right now. I'd very much appreciate any tabs for the new album if you have them. Look for an updated equipment section in the future... can't be more certain than that.
Feb 19, 2003 I've been doing some small updates here and there, a couple new tabs every few weeks. I expect a rush of tabs (and site hits) as soon as Avalanche comes out. I'm hoping to have an early version of my equipment page up then, but no promises...
Jan 24, 2003 It looks like I'm getting 20+ hits a day now, which is freakin' awesome! I'm working on a major revamp of my equipment section, which I hope to have up soon... it's a big undertaking though, and there's a ton of information to collect, thus the delays...
Jan 20, 2003 This topic will be cross-posted at The Metro and The Propaganda Machine.

I'm looking to focus more of my efforts on furthering the content in the equipment section of my site.

The Smashing Pumpkins Fan Club has an absolutely astounding equipment section on their site. While I don't kid myself into thinking that I could even approach something of that magnitude, I would like to expand my section as much as possible.

While I am going to do as much research as I can, I really won't be able to get that far without help. I'm asking anyone who has any information whatsoever on any equipment used by Matt or the MGB at any time to contact me. Furthermore, if you have any performance pictures, I'd love to see them as well, and I'll try to figure out from them what equipment is being used.

Any help provided is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance. (From both myself, as well as the ninja.

Jan 11, 2003 Some updates to the demo sections. Thanks go out to Brendan for his submissions. Looks like Avalanche may not be out until March/April, as I had initially said. There's also been a new song recorded for it... I'll get those updates here when everything is confirmed...
Jan 09, 2003 No updates yet. Sorry... thank you everyone who has sent me tabs, I'll get them up this week, I promise. School is... well... there was some unpleasantness... let's never speak of it again.
Dec 30, 2002 A few updated tabs... nothing much. Home from school now, so just relaxing. Can't wait for Avalanche!
Dec 10, 2002 Alright, the tracklisting from Avalanche has been released, so I couldn't help but update... :-)
13 tracks. Out on Feb. 18, 2003.
Dec 8, 2002 Woohoo! Counter's up over 1000. Hopefully I won't lose it again. Exams for 2 weeks now, so don't expect anything in the way of an update for at least that long.
Nov 29, 2002 Added some more tabs, and lyrics...

Current Totals:
117 tabs (of 95 different songs)
100 song lyrics
Nov 28, 2002 Fixed up some simple HTML stuff. Fun fun fun.
Nov 26, 2002 I'm working on a sort-of collaboration with massacreindisguise regarding a message board. Right now, I'm sharing their Musicians board, and you can access it from my navbar. Updated links page a bit too...
Nov 23, 2002 Thanks to everyone who's emailed me. Keep 'em coming! It's great to know that people like the site! (Various tabs corrected and updated.)
Nov 20, 2002 I have it fairly reliably that Avalanche should be coming around March or April of this coming year. Still looking for any MG piano stuff...
Nov 18, 2002 I'm getting closer to completing (thanks entirely to Justin) and I only need 5 more tabs. People have asked me for piano scores, which, unfortunately, I don't have. If anyone has one, or would like to lift one, I'd love to put them up.
Nov 13, 2002 I have 8 more demo tabs to get, and I will have every studio album, plus all the demos I know of tabbed out! I'm going to split news up into old news, and new news, just for fun... not yet, but soon.
Nov 8, 2002 Justin is helping me fill out my oldie's section. I'm working on my Equipment section too... come on Matt... hurry up with Avalanche!
Oct 27, 2002 I've gotten a lot of old tabs up now (thanks Justin!), so check the section. Anyone know any more songs off Avalanche?
Oct 25, 2002 I just received an Email from a guy named Justin, and it contained quite a few oldies. Check the tab section for updates. I also have now added an "Equipment" section. It's still under construction... enjoy!
Oct 21, 2002 I'm slightly changing the layout. I've spoken with Mark (Matt's new keyboard player) and from what I'm hearing, it's gonna be "Matt Good" rather than "The Matt Good Band" from now on... So welcome to the newly cristened MG Tab Archive!
Sept 19, 2002 I went to the MG show last night. Let's just say... best... show... ever.
And I hung out with the band after.
May 25, 2002 Well, believe it or not, I now have every song off of every studio album tabbed out. Happy playing.
May 22, 2002 Alright, so Grade 13 is a little more time consuming than I thought. I have, however, started a pretty big update. There's a bunch of new tab & lyrics. Look for stuff off of Smoke and Mirrors soon.
Due to my switch from @Home to @Rogers, I lost my counter data. So it's reset as of today.
February 24, 2002 Apologies for no updates. School has been hellish. I'll try to get updating soon. Promise.
December 3, 2001 Welcome to my new site. The transition went pretty smoothly... I'll be updating soon.
November 27, 2001 As of Thursday November 29, my site address will be Sorry about the change, but there isn't anything I can do about it.
November 3, 2001 So the Audio of Being is out! If you don't have it, get it, it's incredible. I'm working on tabbing stuff from the album, but as always, any submissions from you guys would be appreciated.
October 28, 2001 I've implemented a new feature for you guys in the Tab section. Check it out.
2 days until AOB!!!!
October 20, 2001 Alright... welcome to the new plethora of updates.
October 1, 2001 Again quite the delay. I'm looking to have a nice big update to coincide with the release of Audio of Being. I'm planning on a modified layout, and I'm going to have a way of indicating which tabs I've personally verified as correct.
August 27, 2001 Well, unfortunately, it's been a while since I've updated. I'm working on a big update, and a slight restructuring of the Tab section, and then hopefully another big one to coincide with AOB. I've been really busy this summer, but I am going to make time for this site during the year. Wohoo! Over 1000 hits!
June 12, 2001 I've added a few songs from Loser Anthems, and I'm working on some new stuff. Thanks to anyone who's e-mailed me for whatever reason.
On an unrelated note, I tabbed out Track 15 off the green version of "Take off your Pants and Jacket" (the new Blink 182) album. Check it out here.
June 9, 2001 Updated some small bugs and mistakes I've found. It's nice to see my counter going up... so people ARE visiting, but no one's e-mailed me tab, or corrections. Come on people!! I'm working on researching more unreleased tracks. I'll work on tabbing those, you guys e-mail me released stuff!
June 6, 2001 Loser Anthems is out! If you don't have it, get it! It's amazing. I'm working on getting that whole album tabbed out soon, so watch for it. I just got a counter... changes are being made. Check back often.
May 30, 2001 Well, I've got even more Tab in the Tab section, and I've done a lot of work to restructure that section specifically. I'm still deciding on what I'm doing for a Message Board, but it will be only Guitar / MGB Tab related. Enjoy!
May 26, 2001 Well, the page is under fairly heavy restructuring, for reasons I'll explain soon. I'm changing the name, and my focus will be pretty much all MGB Tab now. Check out the Tab section, as I'm changing it drastically fairly often.
May 23, 2001 Wow! It's up! Welcome to the first online version of the page. I hope to be getting a domain in the next few days, so we'll see what happens...
May 22, 2001 I've been working gradually on the pages in the last few weeks, and the content has greatly improved. Nothing's online yet, but the Tab & Lyrics section has greatly improved, and some previously non-existant sections have come into being.
May 2, 2001 Well sir, the page is finally in a state that allows me to write a news item, and not feel ashamed. I've been working on this for about 2 days now, and though it's not online, I'm pleased with it. It's by far the largest compilation of MGB Tab I've ever seen anywhere.