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MG(B) Related Sites:
The Official Matthew Good Website Kind of light on the content. You can watch the Weapon music video here though.
The Official MGB Store Get the new MG Shirt here! An awesome MG Fansite. Tons of stuff - updated frequently! Awesome board!
Prime Time Deliverance Another good MG fansite. Excellend message board aswell...
advertising on police cars Great MG website. Very popular message board.
weapons arsenal Another kickass fansite!
Disorientation Nice MG fansite... Hasn't been updated much lately, but often has good info. Kind of a fansite, kind of not... it's hard to describe. Intersting nonetheless... worth a look.
Guitar & Bass Tablature - MGB Also not updated recently. Some well done MGB tabs, especially 'cause Matt wrote the page author with some corrections and suggestions.
The Label's MGB Site Done by their American label, I believe. Most people think it's useless... and I would have to agree. Worst. Site. Ever
Dead MGB Sites:
Running for home - A MGB Website This site is dead now.
Used to be the best MGB Fansite out there. More of everything (except Tabs) than any other site. Rumours, Music, Message Board...
The Official MGB Site This site now forwards to the MG site
Site has been updated to coincide with the AOB release. Check it out, it's cool.
Gimmerstick - Matthew Good Band This site is dead now.
Not updated recently, but good content. It's got movies, bios, tabs and more.
The Matthew Good Band Webring This site is dead now.
Quite a small webring. Links to only 6 sites, and I must say, they aren't too great. That's mostly why I decided to make this page.
Other Guitar Tab Sites:
Olga The OnLine Guitar Archive. Thousands and thousands of tabs. Use this as a starting point to find almost anything.
MXTabs A great place to find some of the tabs that don't show up at Olga. This site is great 'cause it allows multiple submissions for one song, corrections, and people rate the tab.
TabCrawler Another immense archive. I believe this site has a bot that just crawls through the net and archives any tab it finds.
Every Metallica Tab This site has tabs to every Metallica song under the sun. Released, Unreleased, Demo, whatever!
SPFC.ORG - Guitar Tablature Run by the Smashing Pumpkins FanClub, this site has about 200+ Pumpkins songs tabbed out perfectly. It's pretty incredible. - Tab This site is dead now.
This site has every Silverchair song tabbed out. It's on the band's official site, and a lot of the tabs have even been verified by guys in the band. - Tabs This site is dead now.
A Blink-182 tab page, run by, this page has every Blink song I looked for in guitar and in bass tab. Very well done.